Static UPS

These are the most widely used UPSs and are available in three typologies – namely off-line, line-interactive and online.

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Rotary UPS

The rotary is a major innovation in UPS technology and the Uniblock is unique to PILLER and EDSUPS. Rotary technology takes reliability and performance to new heights.

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Diesel Generators

These are generally used to provide standby power when there is a mains failure, or as base-load generators where no mains power is available.

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Additional Products

The range and extent of products listed here reflect the diversity of power protection applications that EDS UPS can offer.

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Service Excellence

Service Excellence

We are a service driven company dedicated to providing the highest level of support and service to our clients from choosing the right system through to deployment.

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Sizing your UPS
1-5 Computers, 1 Network Hub, 1 Printer. Power Requirement 5-15kVA
5-15 Computers, 1 Server, 3 Network Hubs, 2 Printers.
Large scale projects. Power Requirement 100kVA to 5MVA

At EDS UPS we have expert knowledge across a wide range of premium brands, enabling us to support projects scaling from small offices to large scale applications.

EDS UPS - Best Power Supply Systems

EDS UPS sets the benchmark for uninterruptible power supply systems in Southern Africa. Let our UPSs guarantee your business success by providing the quality power you need at all times.

Need to dip proof your plant? Dealing with critical applications? Cannot afford production downtime? We know all about emergency power and the best way to provide it. Reliability, dependability and service excellence drive EDS UPS.

Our UPS systems are so reliable that they are the preferred solutions for data centres and all mission critical applications. Our static UPS systems are available in both single and three phase , perfect power protection for computers, small to mid-sized server rooms, IT networks, CCTV, telecom systems and sensitive medical equipment. Our three phase UPS systems are at the forefront of technology and innovation in their class. We provide dynamic UPSs for industrial solutions using kinetic flywheel or battery energy storage as well as power inverters for long run-time applications.

Our PILLER rotary UPS is ideal for larger applications, capable of supplying loads between 150 kVA and 40 MVA. This technology is ideal for highly sensitive and critical applications across all industries and can be configured to integrate with standby generators or be supplied as a single comprehensive diesel UPS. Our extensive range of diesel generators can be used for both base-load and standby applications, in canopied sets, open sets or mobile versions.

Consistently in the forefront of power protection, we also offer special application solutions for aircraft ground power supplies, marine power requirements and static transfer switches.

If you need power protection of the highest order, EDS UPS is your obvious choice.