Static UPS

These are the most widely used UPSs and are available in three typologies – namely off-line, line-interactive and online.


Rotary UPS

The rotary is a major innovation in UPS technology and the Uniblock is unique to PILLER and EDSUPS. Rotary technology takes reliability and performance to new heights.


Diesel Generators

These are generally used to provide standby power when there is a mains failure, or as base-load generators where no mains power is available.


Additional Products

The range and extent of products listed here reflect the diversity of power protection applications that EDS UPS can offer.


What Our Clients Say

  • King Shaka International Airport, part of the Airports Company South Africa, confirmed that EDS UPS supplied and maintained Inform and Piller UPS systems from 2009 up to the present. "EDS has shown a mature professionalism whilst working at KSIA" and proved to be "... more than a service provider but a partner" in ensuring that both businesses succeeded in a customer-oriented environment. "I will recommend EDS products and services to any company who wants to achieve a peace of mind and ensure business continuity."
    King Shaka International Airport
  • Clover dairy products supplier used EDS UPS to upgrade 10 300kVA static UPS units in 2015 in Queensburgh and Pinetown, Kwazulu Natal, stating that the "upgrade was executed in exemplary fashion".
  • The Auditor-General of South Africa confirmed that EDS was a core supplier delivering UPS and UPS support at regional offices where different size UPSs were installed and maintained on a country-wide basis annually.  Locations of UPS installations maintained by EDS UPS include Pretoria,  Nelspruit / Mbombela,  Rustenburg,  Potchefstroom / Tlokwe, Bloemfontein, Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town and Kimberley.
    Auditor-General of South Africa
  • Facilities Manager
    EDSUPS supplied UPS's ranging in size from 8 kVa to 100 kVa for 180 First National Bank branches throughout South Africa, some in very remote locations. "Engineering Data Systems supplied the hardware and software to allow integration of the equipment into our wide area network so that all UPS equipment can now be monitored from our FNB Helpdesk in Johannesburg."
    Facilities Manager
    First National Bank

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