World-leading Electron Accelerator facility chooses Piller

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March 29, 2018
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Piller’s renowned rotary UPS is the choice of the  Max IV laboratory, a world-leading Swedish electron accelerator research facility.  The UPS will provide uninterruptible power for its highly sensitive and sophisticated research equipment.

The MAX IV-laboratory in Lund Sweden is the brightest source of x-rays worldwide. Built at a cost of around 6 billion Swedish Krona, the centre has been attracting researchers from around the world ever since its launch in 2016. It is capable of receiving 2000-3000 scientists annually,

The new Piller system is a 7.5 MVA medium voltage rotary UPS expandable to 12.5 MVA, with kinetic energy storage.

Jacob Schuster, Project coordinator at Lund University MAX IV said:

Electrons are the source of the intense X-rays used for the experiments at our experimental stations. Producing these and then controlling them at the speed of light is a complex process that places high demands on the plant and the associated infrastructure.

“The MAX IV accelerator is very sensitive to variations in power supply, and the extremely short disturbances that arise from the external power grid currently result in several reboots of the plant every week. As a consequence of the interference on the power grid, research teams with limited access to the experimental stations may lose valuable time, so we are keen that the power supply to MAX IV is of very high quality.”

Optimal solution

Jan Hermansson, Head of Division at Malmö-based APQ El, the company which will be installing the new system, said:

“APQ El has carried out previous installations at MAX IV and we are pleased to have continued confidence in the delivery of our products and services. We are also pleased to be working with Piller, the partner which helped us find the optimal solution.”

Commenting on the new installation, Kristoffer Simonsson, Sales Manager for Piller Scandinavia said:

“We are very pleased that MAX IV has chosen our concept. Piller is the ideal partner and we can assist with our knowledge and long experience of similar projects. I am confident that our products will assist with the protection required for such a technologically advanced and critical facility, for many years to come.”

About MAX IV

The laboratory is a Swedish national laboratory providing scientists with the brightest X-ray source in the world.  MAX IV was inaugurated on 21 June 2016 and has more than 30 years’ experience in operating the MAX I-III facilities.

X-rays were discovered 120 years ago and, at the time they were thought to be almost magic. Today these are used in all aspects of everyday life – from medical applications to industrial testing, and for developing innovative materials.

The MAX IV facility in Sweden will have the highest quality of X-rays available to scientists from academia and industry worldwide. These X-rays will be used to understand, explain and improve the world around us. MAX IV will allow scientists to develop new materials and products that we cannot even imagine today.  These include medications with better and more precise functions and fewer side-effects, as well as nanoparticles for diverse areas of application, including paints, catalysis or computing, or lighter and stronger packaging materials for the future.

MAX IV is home to research projects in biology, physics, chemistry and environmental science, as well as geology, engineering, pharmacology and cultural heritage.