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Make sure your home business can cope, if or when Eskom lets our power supplies drop!  Unexpected power outages or so-called load shedding has affected everyday life for many South Africans.  For business, downtime is costly, not only in terms of profits, but productivity and morale.   See the extensive range of Powerwise+  home business UPS  which will save the day here!!

When you have instant backup power on tap, you’ll also have peace of mind, knowing that business can keep ticking over.   For home use, an inverter instantly supplies power to keep your favourite TV show going or a home computer up and running, with limited lighting.   Take a look at our 1,2 and 2.4 kVA Cobalt inverters which take up no space at all, yet are so convenient to have around when power suddenly stops.

When you have a home business and need to support a more extensive office setup, take your pick from our mid-sized UPSs.   The Chromium 1 – 3 kVA range offers you prime power quality and the assurance you won’t lose your data when power goes out.

Decide what’s essential for your small business — do you need to support a switchboard, up to six PCs and limited lighting?  The number and size of batteries will give you flexibility.

Get specialist advice on the size that’s right for your needs.

Is your home business set up with a UPS to cope with emergencies?


EDS UPS has a fully staffed service department with technicians who specialise in maintaining our UPSs.  We are available round-the-clock to provide emergency maintenance for contracted clients. EDS UPS has been at the forefront of uninterruptible power supplies in southern Africa, offering the most reliable rotary and static UPS systems for total power protection in African conditions.

EDS UPS is committed to service excellence. Our technical expertise and specialised knowledge of UPS systems gives us the edge in custom designing systems to meet specific industry demands. We have provided major corporations and some of the biggest names in commerce and industry in sub-Saharan Africa with state-of-the-art power protection.